Why wellness is becoming so important

I am only 32 but when I start first starting my working career you could only work from 9-5pm. Your work emails were not available on your phone. No one was given your mobile number. In the hospital if someone needed to call you directly they had to go through the main switchboard. Now everyone has everyone’s mobile numbers, whatsapp makes it acceptable to contact anyone at any time of day. I still try and stick to the working hours and only send emails and messages at respectable times. However I am always checking my work emails at whatever time, first thing in the morning, last thing at night.

Wellness has become so important. That ability to switch off from the demands of daily living is so important. We now have technology for everything, we message over talking to people, we work all the hours we can even if its not in the office its at home.

This really limits the time you have to yourself. Without your head full of thoughts, it reduces sleep and increases stress, this tenses all your muscles and fatigues you further.

Many clients visit me with high levels of tension mainly around either the neck and shoulders or the lower back and hips, sometimes this tension can be seen even in the legs, hands and feet. I am often asking people of their stress levels and general working patterns, without a doubt people are more stressed and working longer.

I also ask people how much time they spend looking after their own body and tension. This is always the lowest priority. One piece of advice I always give people is that investing in your body is so important in investing in your future. You start to feel something slightly odd in your car, or you notice a funny noise you take the car straight to the garage. Your neck and shoulders are tense and sore and most of the time people just leave it.

Age is definitely something that increases the tension you carry but also daily life is now so important. We rely on technology but the time we spend with the technology has increased so much even within the last ten years. This will have detrimental effects on our health and wellness.

Being a massage therapist, the question I am always asked is how often you should have a massage. The answer is always individual, and has many restrictions and restraints including time and money. However the importance of being able to manage the stresses and tension your body carries is so important. Whether its being away from screens, children and organizing an hour in your week you don’t have to worry about where you should be or what to do next is so important. Relaxing your muscles, clearing toxins and reliving tension has never been more important in the society we live in and the changes we have made to our lives. Cars, bikes, trains, airplanes, desks, chairs and even sofa’s all encourage tension in the shoulders and neck.

If only we spent as much money on our bodies as we spend on our cars we would be different people.

Meditation, relaxation, massage, yoga, physical activity is so important and essential to keep your body in harmony.

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